December Update - New Skins, New Melee Weapon Sounds and Extended Level Progression

Greetings everyone! It has been a great month since the launch of the Invasion Update. We continue to work on new things, but we wanted to release a small update before the holidays that should resolve a couple issues as well as add some fun content to the game.


We have added some free content including the new Mixer skins as well as raised the max level to 65 with each new level providing new unlockable items.

  • New Character Skin: Spacesuit
  • New Character Skin: Mixer
  • New Weapons Skin: Glintec – Blue
  • New Weapons Skin: Glintec – Orange
  • New Weapons Skin: MP5 – Space Age 01
  • New Weapons Skin: Golden Guns
  • New Weapons Charm: Key
  • New Weapons Charm: Sapper
  • New Weapons Charm: Thresher
  • New Weapons Charm: Whiplash
  • New Weapons Charm: Beast

We have also finished the revamped weapon audio with melee weapons getting the update in this update. All new sounds for for the crushing melee attacks.

We have resolved a handful of issues, the largest being a refactor to our save system on PC. After reviewing it, we have made the decision to disable Steam Cloud at this time.

  • Refactored user save system on PC.
  • Revelation: Fixed an F4-NG that could not be picked up
  • The Diversion: Fixed an F4-NG that could not be picked up
  • Raven Roost, WA: Fixed a problem in which low framerates could cause the helicopter supply drops to unexpectedly deliver extra supplies or no supplies.
  • The Mines: Enemies should no longer clip through the mine door as it is opening
  • The Mines: Made sure that the flame trap light is off when this trap is not in use
  • The Mines: Fixed a problem that could cause aliens to get stuck in the side tunnel
  • Invasion mode: The auto-turret traps can no longer be destroyed by Beast attacks.
  • ‘Tis But A Scratch Skill: Fixed a problem where the game could end in a loss, even though you used this skill to self-revive.
  • ‘Tis But A Scratch Skill: Using this skill to self-revive no longer plays some VO to thank your teammates.
  • Grenadier Skill: Fixed a problem with not being able to pick up extra grenades as a client player.
  • Akimbo MP5s Skill: Picking up another MP5 while already dual-wielding MP5s now gives one MP5’s worth of ammo, rather than completely reloading both.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Lore UI
  • Added a brief damage immunity to players who have just been revived
  • Fixed a movement problem when joining a game and taking over a character that is already on a ladder
  • Fixed the Blackout, Sapper, and Whiplash to use the vaporize effect when killed by a Valkyrie.
  • Killing a Fire Sapper with a flamethrower no longer plays irrelevant VO

We continue to talk about what we are doing next, and look forward to sharing more about our plans in 2019, so stay tuned!