Earthfall is back! New Release!

Earthfall is back! After being dark for a while, we are now ready to start showing you what we have been working as we get closer to the final release. Over the last couple months, we have touched almost everything in the entire game to improve stability and improve the performance! On top of touching nearly everything in the game, we have added tons of new content that you get to see for the first time!

New Level

We are excited to show you one of the levels from the second campaign of Earthfall, The Diversion. Take the fight to the aliens as you explore an abandoned hydroelectric dam in the Pacific Northwest.




New Enemies

We wanted to add more variety to the enemies we have in the game, and so we added a new boss, a new special and variants on the drones.

First up we have a brand new enemy boss, the Blackout. The Blackout can be easily identified by its eight tentacles whipping around as it floats around defying gravity. While not as big and loud as the Beast, it does have an energy shield surrounding it to protect it from attacks and allowing it to move around the play space at laser like speeds.


The behavior of the aliens changes all the time in Earthfall, but now they can become even more bloodthirsty when in the proximity of an Enrager, a new enemy special. This floating meat blob projects a visible effect that makes all aliens instantly seek and attack any nearby players. If you see an Enrager quickly attack it before you are overwhelmed by stronger, faster and angrier enemies.


Last we wanted to add more variety to the drones, and we have added a new Spitter class. This new drone has a powerful distance attack as they vomit deadly acid at you.


Performance Improvements

One area we have been working on is improving our performance in every aspect of Earthfall. We touched almost everything in the entire game the last couple months working on streamlining and optimizing the game. While most players will see a boost in speed and performance and detail, the area that has improved the greatest is the stability of the performance. All players should see a much more consistent performance throughout all the levels.

New Interface

We have an entirely new menu system! The old menu system was built very early in the project, and we wanted to explore some new areas especially as we bring Earthfall to other platforms. Make sure you plug in a controller and give it a shot!

Read the entire list of changes here.

Future Updates

Earthfall is still in Early Access, and we are aware there are going to be issues. Our goal is to have more consistent releases before we have our final release, so don't be surprised if there are hotfixes and further updates over the next couple months. With each of these updates, we need your help and feedback! Tell us what you think about The Diversion, Blackout, the new weapons, the interface and anything else in the game! We are always reading your posts on the Official Earthfall Forums. For all the latest updates follow @EarthfallGame on Twitter and Like Earthfall on Facebook!

We are excited to pull the curtain back and show you what we have been working on and can’t wait to hear your feedback! Thanks from all of us at Holospark for your continued support!