New Earthfall Website

Welcome to the new Earthfall website! We wanted to update our old one to make it easier for us to give you updates on what is going on with Earthfall. Check out all the pages, including the Content Creators sign-up for any streamers and youtubers out there interested in Earthfall! We also have launched the new Earthfall forums, so go sign-up now!

Which brings up the question, What is going on with Earthfall?

Quick answer is lots is going on! We released to Early Access on Steam back in April and got tons of great feedback from fans around the world. We worked on some of the immediate issues including releasing a performance update with over 200 fixes. After we released that update we made the decision as a team to slow down on the frequency of live releases so we could focus on building out the game. We are working very hard on the game and we have some really cool stuff we can't wait to show off! So stay tuned!

Another reason why we have been a little quiet is we moved offices! We grew out of our old space and moved just a couple blocks down the street in Bellevue. We have room to grow, a kitchen (SNACKS!) and even a basketball court outside!

It has been a busy summer here at Holospark, and we can't wait to reveal what we have been adding to Earthfall. Please stay tuned for future updates right here and be sure to follow us @Holo_Spark on Twitter and Like Earthfall on Facebook.