New Weapon - Grenade Launcher

In Earthfall you fight an alien invasion, and while we gave you a wide range of weapons with the initial release, we and other felt something was missing. A weapon with some impact that could blow away the incoming drones. With the upcoming Militia Update, players will get their hands on the new Grenade Launcher!

The Grenade Launcher or F4-NG as it is known in-game, let's the player destroy the waves of aliens with its 20mm detonating round. Players can fire at will and annihilate drones of all sizes. Just for fun, we added an alt-fire mode that lets you drop a shot and have it bounce off walls or other surfaces before causing massive damage.


With the upcoming release of the Militia Update and the addition of the Grenade Launcher, this is the perfect time to get your squad together and revisit all those levels with some extra firepower! Stay tuned for all the latest news on Earthfall by following @EarthfallGame on Twitter, Liking Earthfall on Facebook and joining the Official Earthfall Discord to chat with other players and the development team.