New Weapon - xP9D

One of the most requested items from the community has been for us to add more weapons to Earthfall. We had TONS of ideas during development and even more suggestions from fans on what type of weapons we should add to Earthfall next. With the upcoming Inferno Update, we are excited to be adding a Compact SMG to your arsenal.

The xP9D is a Compact SMG that punishes the alien invaders with a high firing rate and a large clip. Make sure you get close to your target and shoot in bursts to maximize your damage. Need a little more accuracy? Use the red dot scope to help you nail that thresher or get a headshot on an incoming drone swarm. Even with the large clip, the ammo goes quickly to make every shot count!

Earthfall - xP9D Compact SMG

With the addition of the xP9D, it is a perfect time to go back through each level and look for ammo crates that include the XP9D as well as weapon printers that have been updated allowing you and other survivors to print it to fight against the alien invasion.

Look for the xP9D, new skins, and a new level in the upcoming Inferno Update for Earthfall coming soon. Stay tuned for all the latest news on Earthfall by following @EarthfallGame on Twitter, Liking Earthfall on Facebook and joining the Official Earthfall Discord to chat with other players and the development team.