Update 20934 - New Level, Perf Updates & More

Greetings Earthfall fans! We are back with a new update now available on Steam. Since our last update back in February, we have fixed tons of issues including more performance updates as well as adding some new content for you to try for the first time!

New Level - Revelation

Revelation is the first level in the second campaign of Earthfall. The resistance has a plan of attack and hopes to turn the tide against the alien invasion. Taking place in a small abandoned town, Revelation look is one of the most distinct in Earthfall with a recent deep snowfall covering the entire town.



Performance Improvements

The last update provided a significant improvement to performance, but we didn't want to stop there! Over the last month we continued to search for ANYTHING we could squeeze out more performance. This included updates to the AI navigation system, tweaks to the visual effects, continued optimization of the user interface and sound which has provided some major gains. We want Earthfall to play well for those who have the latest and greatest hardware and those who are still rocking the same machine for the last couple years! If you run into any problems make sure you head over the Bug Reports section of the Earthfall Forums and tell us the problem.

New Weapon Sounds

We heard you loud and clear from our last update that the audio for our weapons needed some work, so we have started making some changes. In this update you will hear changes in the SW22, AK47, AK67 and MP5. This is something we will continue to work on and we need your feedback. So put your headphones on or turn up your speakers and tell us what you think! Post your feedback on the Earthfall Forums.

Lore System Unlocked

We tell the story of Earthfall in the levels, but there is only so much we can tell you about what is going on without taking you out of the action. For those of you wanting to learn the secrets of Earthfall, you now have access to the Lore System. Play levels and find Lore Items which will unlock story items. We are excited to share more of the world of Earthfall and excited to hear what you think.

These are just the big changes we included in Update 20934. For those wanting to see everything that changed you can read the entire Update 20934 Change List. With each of these updates, we need your help and feedback! With every update, we need your help! Tell us what you think about Update 20934! We are always reading your posts on the Official Earthfall Forums. For all the latest updates follow @EarthfallGame on Twitter and Like Earthfall on Facebook!