Update! Perf, Audio, Weapons & Mixer!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Earthfall fans! Just in time for the 3-day holiday (at least here in the US) we are proud to deliver what is honestly a massive patch, with a ton of improvements, updates, and bug fixes leading up to our big release on July 13th!

Perf Improvements

We continue to work tirelessly on improving perf across the board, and this update is no exception. We have made significant optimizations to all core systems of the game. Art, FX, Audio and AI performance tuning, as well as some bug fixing, should have those folks struggling to keep a steady framerate seeing significant gains and noticeable improvements. We are not done, and we will keep at it, but players should feel the differences immediately!

Mixer Fixes/Update

We recently unveiled our Mixer integration as part of Mixer’s one-year anniversary. It’s chaotic to say the least, with viewers able to spawn enemies, weapons, and more using their mixer currency. This update fixes some issues with some of the buttons not working (the grenade and Valkyrie buttons now work!), as well as some under-the-hood improvements. Bosses now start on cool down, giving hapless players a shot to getting going before they get creamed. In addition to the initial cooldowns, we now also link the cooldowns on specials and bosses, so, sorry, no more 2 bosses and 4 specials all at the same time. This mode is not for the weak of heart, but incredibly fun to watch! Try at your own risk 😉.

Audio Improvements

We HEARD you! Along with the significant performance optimizations and bug fixes mentioned above, we also started focusing in on tuning each and every sound in the game! We did another massive pass at the weapons and we are sure you will be excited to hear the results. We also did a ton of work around alien sounds, so expect to get scared out of your mind when you hear all of their signature audio, and now you can figure out where they are coming from before they eat you! We also polished the overall mix of the game! Like how they do it in film, we went into the studio and made sure that explosions were massive, aliens were creepy, the music gets you all tense and tingly, all while still being able to hear the new delicious weapon sounds. Not an easy task to say the least. We salute you Michael Bay!

Weapons Improvements

Along with audio improvements for every single weapon, we have been hard at work tuning each weapon experience, including adding recoil to all the weapons which was a big community request. We made some significant changes to the Valkyrie as well, including making this a primary weapon, so you can hold it in place of your primary and still rock a Harbinger! You still can’t reload it, but it’s a devastating combo. It also received both FX and Audio improvements and it’s, well, badass. Give it a try! Speaking of devastating, the landmines were less than that, but that has all changed, as both the effect radius and overall damage have been buffed significantly. Many, many more minor tweaks were made as well, and we are still working on some big improvements for our next patch (still super-secret but awesome). Stay tuned!


All in all, over 2000 different bugs, optimizations, improvements and features are included in the update. Wow! We love hearing your feedback, so keep it coming. Keep posting on the Official Earthfall Forums and chat with developers and fans on the Official Discord Channel. We are listening!